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    Things to Consider When Planning a Home Extension

    Extending your home is a big undertaking, but you can make the entire process smoother and easier if you take the right approach. The first step is to figure out how you want to extend your home. Do you want to add a conservatory? Or maybe you want to add a new storey with rooms? You can even choose to add a completely new building to your property, but in this case, an extension is not the correct term. Before you get to the actual construction, you will have to plan the project. Make a sketch of your extension and take measurements so that you know how much space you…

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    Is Planning Permission Needed?

    Planning permission is often a topic avoided and is probably the biggest hurdle homeowners face when taking on home improvements. It is mainly needed when you want to build something new, make a significant change to a building (like adding a conservatory) or change the use of the premises. A good rule to go by is if you think something will affect your neighbours or the environment, seek advice from the planning authority through your local council. With the use of open plan living becoming the norm, many people are looking to convert their floorplans to a more open style. Before taking a sledgehammer to your walls, it is always…

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    Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

    When deciding to convert your loft into a new room, you need to check if planning permission is required.  Your architect or builder should be able to assist with this, however here are some of the conditions that mean planning permission is not required The total area of the additional space won’t exceed 40m2 for terraced houses or 50m2 for detached or semi-detached houses.  If your home has already been extended, make sure you do not exceed these total as they relate to the whole house, not just the loft conversion. The extension does not go higher than the highest part of the roof Materials are similar in appearance to…

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    Garage Conversion, What You Need to Know

    Home owners often consider a garage conversion when looking for a way to add living space and increase property value, but aren’t sure where to start. Four of the most commonly asked questions about a garage conversion are: 1. Will I need planning permissions? This is largely dependent on whether or not you seek to increase the external area of the garage. If not, the conversion will typically be covered under ‘permitted development rights’ (PDR). 2. Where do I start? Once it is clear that the work is allowed under PDR or planning permissions are acquired, then it would be best to consult a building surveyor, architect or structural engineer…

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    Why choose solid oak doors in your home?

    There are so many reasons to why most people prefer solid oak doors. Oak is a strong and tall tree that grows up to a height of above 50 foot and it this type of wood is a different level of strong, so much so that a few centuries back, the wood was used for constructing ships! This is why people increasingly prefer oak floors, furniture and oak doors today. There are different shades and styles that have a unique finish. The width of oak can be adjusted easily for door purposes. The wood that is derived from oak is guaranteed for years although it is a bit expensive. The…

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    Top Reasons to Buy Photo Frames Online

    If you are planning to buy photo frames, one of the things you need to put into consideration is where to make the purchase. This is necessary so that you be focused especially if you do not have enough time to keep on shopping from the different suppliers. Buying them online is the best option nowadays because of the many suppliers you find. Here are some of the reasons you should buy photo frames online.

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