Home Renovation: Loft Conversion

Are you short on space and looking at your options for home renovation? One of the best ways to increase living space and add property value is with a loft conversion. When compared to an extension, loft conversions are typically, by far, the easier option and you will not be sacrificing additional outdoor living space. One excellent benefit with loft conversions is that they do not usually require planning permissions, as long as there are no major exterior changes needed.

A recent study conducted by Nationwide Building Society, concluded that the typical value added to a home due to a loft conversion is up to 20 percent! So, if your home is worth £200,000, then that is a possible valuation increase of up to £40,000, which is quite significant.

If this is an option for you, it should definitely be considered as a top way to increase your living space availability and property value. You simply have to be able to handle the moderate hassle of having construction work done on your home, to reap the multiple benefits of a loft conversion.