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How Much Could UK Solar Panels Really Save?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your bills whilst doing something positive for the environment? Many people tend to wonder about how effective solar panels are in the UK, where there is typically little sun to be had and wonder how much money they could actually save by having them. How much you will save on electricity will vary depending on where you live in the UK but it is likely you will still be impressed with the amount of money you could be saving per year.

The standard 4kW solar installation can produce, on average, a savings of £653 a year! Areas such as many parts of Scotland may see a smaller savings ranging between £597-£630, whereas Southern parts of the UK, could see higher ranges such as £664-£730. Regardless these savings are all quite significant and can add up very quickly over a few years.

The ideal criteria for maximum savings in your area depends on if you have a south-facing roof with a 40-degree pitch and zero to little shading from surrounding trees or buildings. Solar panels are well worth the investment, for many UK homes.

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