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    Is it cheaper to build your own shed?

    Nearly every single garden in the UK has a shed, they are a fantastic option for storage and come in several different shapes, sizes, and materials. You can even get sheds that are visually pleasing for different reasons. You can buy modern-looking sheds made out of plastic or metal or wooden sheds. With so many resources laying around which you can pick up free a lot of the time on local selling platforms or unwanted wood from local businesses, you can build a shed a lot cheaper than a store-bought one. Sheds depending on size can cost over a thousand pound! If you can be savvy then you can easily…

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    How to re-oil your wooden worktop

    If you are looking to bring new life back to your worn-out wooden worktops, we recommend you oil them regularly. Re-oiling your worktops will keep them looking great whilst providing added surface protection. Follow these short steps to learn how to re-oil your worktops. Step 1 – water test – to check if your worktops need oiling, we advise you perform a water test. Drip water onto your worktops, if the water forms a bead then its still perfectly fine, if the water sits flat you should re-oil. Step 2 – once you’ve established that your worktops needs re-oiling you can begin the process. Start by sanding them down to…

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    Timber Merchants – Sourcing Timber for Around the Home

    A timber merchant offers a more flexible way to buy timber than a general retailer, who might only have what is in stock at that very moment. Timber merchants can source timber, cut it to size and offer different finishes as well, so whether you want green oak beams, coated timber for outdoor use, or structural beams for a barn conversion, a timber merchant will be your best option. These are some of the uses you might have for the timber you source from timber merchants: Building furniture Making fireplace surrounds Structural beams and decorative beams for ceilings, often in period properties Fixing existing wooden structures Banisters and stairs Mantelpieces…

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    Real Wood Flooring vs Laminates

    Installing new flooring in your home will probably bring up one main question if you decide to go for a non-carpet option: real wood or laminate? There are various factors that will affect your decision. These can include the budget you have for your flooring, your aesthetic preferences, and where you are going to source your flooring from. Real, solid wood flooring no doubt will look beautiful, but it will also be the most expensive option. It will have knots that give it individual character and set it apart from laminate. At the same time, many laminates can mimic this look very well and you will still get beautiful results…

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    Getting more Storage for your Home

    Storage is one of those things that people don’t prioritise in their homes. Then, when they move in, they realise just how important storage is. Not having enough storage can force you to compromise on so many things, so how do you get more of it? One of the big things you can do is have built in storage, rather than freestanding. This will give you far more usable space that is designed to your specifications. Another thing you can do is to think about dead space that could be used for storage. Think about getting some bespoke cupboard for the space under the stairs, or perhaps consider built in…

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    Having Furniture Custom Built for your Home

    Shop bought furniture is ok as standard but if you want something specific, to fill a certain space and look a certain way, then you might have to opt for custom built furniture instead. This allows you to choose the exact specifications of your furniture piece, including the style, the type of wood it is made with and the measurements. It will be made completely bespoke to you so that you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit or how much space it will take up. There are lots of skilled carpenters who can make custom furniture pieces for you. Find someone who is experienced in what you…

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    Home Design that Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

    Home design resources often show furniture and decorating features that are very expensive, often in part because they are advertising these products. You might find them overpriced and not good value, perhaps not even in the style you would want for your home. There are always lower cost alternatives, that will offer you much better value for money and will give you more styles to choose from. Use expensive home design resources, by all means, but it’s a better idea to use them for some inspiration, not to follow them by the book. You can find many good value options in high street shops and even in markets, giving you…

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    The Difference Between Decorative and Structural Oak Beams

    Oak beams are regularly used in property builds of all kinds. They might be used to bear weight, or they may be simply decorative. Either way, it oak beams are going to be used in your home and it is your pride and joy, you want to know that the oak beams you are buying will look great and will be made from high-quality timber. The quality of your property rides on the quality of the materials that make it up, so you don’t ever want to compromise. If you buy cheap wood, or if you buy green wood that warps, you’re just going to have to replace it in…

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    Installing Decking Ready for Summer

    Decking can add a touch of class and chic to your garden, as well as giving you a practical outdoor space to use when you want to relax somewhere out of doors. You can also choose to have a deck if you have a yard with no grassy areas, as it will give you a more practical way of enjoying your outdoor space. If you are going to install a new decking area, now is the perfect time, before you get busy in your outdoor space over the summer. You can buy decking boards online in various designs and colours, so you will be able to find one that suits…

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    Bespoke Furniture for your Home

    Will you really be able to tell the difference between bespoke furniture and furniture that is generically produced? The answer is definitely yes. You will certainly be able to tell the difference, and it will hugely enhance your home.  For starters, you bespoke furniture will fit to perfection. For example, if you have a bespoke, handmade wardrobe in your home, it will be made to fit into all the nooks and crannies, using all the space that is there. The company you choose should avoid using infill panels, to make sure all the space becomes storage space.  It’s important you choose the design carefully in consultation with the carpenter of…

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