Solar Heating Tubes: The Other Green Energy

In today’s economic and political climate, intelligent landlords are looking for new ways to comply with government regulations and tenant demands. Getting hold of more environment-friendly ways to heat your buildings presents is not easy.

Wind power has been getting a lot of press of late and is becoming the green technology of choice in many countries, but you may not have heard about solar suntubes: the alternative green energy source. There is no better, or more untapped, the source of green energy than the sun. Every day, 365 days per year the sun gives us energy in the form of light and heat throughout the year. Most of the energy it supplies goes to waste, while we continue to burn our way through the planets limited supply of fossil fuels. Things will only get worse if we continue to depend on fossil fuels, and it’s time to embrace an environmentally favourable approach to supplying our energy needs, while the governments of many states and countries are offering to subsidize the costs.

Using solar suntubes to heat a building will have many benefits, both to landlords and their tenants. Based on the amount of hot water is used in the building, the savings can be enormous, even if solar power is only used to heat the building’s water. Naturally, different buildings will use vastly different volumes of warm water, but hot water is used for one reason or another in just about every building, whether it’s tenants taking baths, doing their laundry, washing dishes, or even just washing their hands. Lots of homes also use central heating systems, using coils of heated water beneath the floor boards to heat the rooms. If your buildings are heated this way, you will be able to reduce your heating bills considerably, if not entirely.

Solar suntubes represent a new approach to solar energy and are much more effective than normal solar panels. Solar energy is typically not the best way to harness green energy as the climate is so changeable. However, solar suntubes will remain to be useful even through the winter months. The cylindrical shape of the receptors allows the receiving unit to collect solar energy throughout the day, as they have a larger surface area than conventional solar panels, which only receive optimal solar power when the sun shines directly on their flat surface. The energy collected is then kept inside copper rods and the tubes are vacuum sealed, which allows little of the energy to escape. The tubes are so well insulated, in fact, that the surfaces of the tubes are often cool while the temperature of the rods storing the solar power can reach over three hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The combination of these designs features makes it possible for landlords to use solar energy in climates where it was once thought to be impractical, such as those with much cloudy weather and colder environments. If you are a landlord green energy is now a practical alternative.

Solar suntubes are one green energy source that you are going to want to make use of. Installing solar suntubes in your residences won’t just reduce your carbon footprint and protect the ozone, but it also has the potential to leave a lot of added green in your bank account.

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