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The Best Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

A nice wood patio set can really give a smart, classy feel to your garden, but to make it last you will need to protect it from the elements. Here are a few tips to help keep your wood furniture looking fabulous.

• The best way to keep wood furniture looking nice is to clean, oil and pack it away during the winter months. When oiling use a rich oil in a colour that suits the furniture.

• If you do not have the storage space to pack the furniture away, use a cover. So, after cleaning and oiling the furniture ensure to cove it well with a water proof cover, preferably with a pull cord at the bottom to tighten around furniture.

• You can also use a water sealant to not only keep the moisture out of the wood, but also allows damp wood within the sealant to dry faster to help avoid splitting, rotting and warping.

• Using an outdoor varnish is another way to protect the wood, but ensure you reapply every few years.

• The strongest protection against the elements is to use paint on your wooden furniture. This will also help to reflect UV radiation from the sun. An outdoor latex paint works better in this situation and is easier to apply, as opposed to oil-based paints. Be sure to reapply when you notice fading, chipping or peeling.

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