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What do you need to build your own Pergola

Pergolas are becoming increasingly popular in recent years in the UK due to how beautiful they look and the visual appeal they add to your garden or outdoor space. More and more people are looking to build their very own pergola which is a great idea if you are DIY savvy. When thinking about building one the first thing you will need to consider is what type of wood you will need to use to build it.

There are generally two different options that you can use hardwood or softwood. Softwood will need to be pressure treated. Hardwood is more durable.

You will also require a few basic tools to build your pergola –
• Saw
• Wood chisel
• Mallet
• Tape measure
• Pen (for markings)
• Drills
• Nails
• Screws

Building a pergola will require precision, patience, and a good eye for detail. It will need to all slot together perfectly to ensure the structure is safe and sound. You can always hire a contractor to build one for you if needed.

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