What is the difference between a solid wood door and an engineered door?

When shopping for new internal doors most people have already decided on the style and colour that they want but will then need to decide on the material of the door. Solid wood doors are doors that are made entirely from solid wood or solid wood panels that are glued together to create the door.

Solid wood doors are often more expensive than engineered doors due to the materials used to create the door. Engineered doors are made from inexpensive materials internally with wood or other materials on the exterior.

Whats the difference in price?

The deciding factor between both doors will generally be how much you want to pay. You can purchase engineered doors for less than £100 but solid wood doors could cost a lot more, it will all depend on the size of the door, thickness, and the style you are choosing.

Which type will last longer?

Solid wood doors will often come with a longer lifespan than engineered doors, so although more costly will last longer.