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Why choose solid oak doors in your home?

There are so many reasons to why most people prefer solid oak doors. Oak
is a strong and tall tree that grows up to a height of above 50 foot and it this type of wood is
a different level of strong, so much so that a few centuries back,
the wood was used for constructing ships! This is why people increasingly
prefer oak floors, furniture and oak doors today. There are different shades and
styles that have a unique finish. The width of oak can be adjusted easily for door
purposes. The wood that is derived from oak is guaranteed for years although it
is a bit expensive. The price of oak differs from one country to another.

They are high quality and this is because the boards are thick and can be conveniently removed and replaced without leading to too much expenditure and damage. As the surface of oak door is extremely smooth, it can be used repeatedly. Solid oak door that is engineered is a popular variety. Its speciality is that it has various boards that are bonded to various types of timber.


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