How to re-oil your wooden worktop

If you are looking to bring new life back to your worn-out wooden worktops, we recommend you oil them regularly. Re-oiling your worktops will keep them looking great whilst providing added surface protection. Follow these short steps to learn how to re-oil your worktops.

Step 1 – water test – to check if your worktops need oiling, we advise you perform a water test. Drip water onto your worktops, if the water forms a bead then its still perfectly fine, if the water sits flat you should re-oil.

Step 2 – once you’ve established that your worktops needs re-oiling you can begin the process. Start by sanding them down to remove any varnish or old oil. Concentrate on any stained areas.
Step 3 – Apply the oil. Pour a little oil directly onto the worktop and use a microfiber cloth to spread it until you have a thin and even layer. Keep going until you’ve covered all of the worktop and then apply another coat.

Step 4 – leave to completely dry. This could take up to 8 hours or more depending on how many coats you have applied.