Timber Merchants – Sourcing Timber for Around the Home

A timber merchant offers a more flexible way to buy timber than a general retailer, who might only have what is in stock at that very moment. Timber merchants can source timber, cut it to size and offer different finishes as well, so whether you want green oak beams, coated timber for outdoor use, or structural beams for a barn conversion, a timber merchant will be your best option.

These are some of the uses you might have for the timber you source from timber merchants:

  • Building furniture
  • Making fireplace surrounds
  • Structural beams and decorative beams for ceilings, often in period properties
  • Fixing existing wooden structures
  • Banisters and stairs
  • Mantelpieces

If you need custom milled timber, the merchant can cut larger pieces down to size. Freshly milled timber can be shaped to your specifications and will meet your needs perfectly, matching with your home and creating the perfect look – without any hassle.